Ever since I was young, music has been an escape for me. While others my age were out with their friends, I was in my bedroom singing and writing songs. For a long time, it was my little secret. Until my freshman year of high school when I uploaded my first YouTube cover online. I slowly built a following around my music, but it wasn’t until I came out as gay that my music and following grew exponentially. I began writing love songs about my girlfriend and sharing my experience as a gay and genderqueer person. My most recent work is influenced by a diverse body of music, combining elements from acoustic singer-songwriter music with elements from electronic music, alt-pop, and R&B.


The goal is to change the pop music industry and give LGTBQ+ love and relationships the representation that they deserve. I want my music to be enjoyed by everyone, including those outside of the LGBTQ+ community. I wish my younger self would have been able to hear a song on the radio written by a girl for a girl or see an openly genderqueer person being a force in the music industry. For this reason, I strive to be the role model I never had. 

© 2020 Miki Ratsula