Your skin pressed against mine,

Covered in sheets,

Our bodies intertwined.

The light creeps in

Through a cracked window.

It softens your face,

the most precious one that I know.

And when I can’t see your face,

I’ll reach out my hand to close the space, between us.

'Cause love don’t know what distance is,

and love can melt the distances,

And even when I miss your kiss,

I know that I will see you soon.

And no matter how far apart,

I still can feel your beating heart.

It’s only been you from the start,

and baby girl I love you so.

Your hands tangled with mine,

Your lingering kiss,

Its sweet flavor left behind.

And baby your smile, 

So gentle and pure.

You are mine,

And forever I am yours.

Your love is electric, magnetic,

it rattles my bones

It’s so addicting, inviting,

it’s calling me home

Your love is honest, and modest,

it’s my favorite song,

And while we whisper we can

scream it at the top of our lungs.

© 2019 Miki Ratsula