Close your eyes, picture this

Bedroom eyes with a morning kiss

The sun is rising, the day is new

There’s no agenda but to stay here with you

All day we could lay in bed

In between the sheets we rest our heads

In and out of sleep with a lifetime ahead


One day we’ll be home

With no distance to show

And wherever we go, I know

That 'til death do us part

And the alignment of stars, 

Comprised of two hearts, I’m home,

Wherever with you I’m home.

Late at night in our own little world

A glass of wine and my beautiful girl

We’ll be in the kitchen, sweet romancing

Our song will play, we’ll be slow dancing

As the night shifts to the early morn

And we drift to sleep right on the floor

As I close my eyes you’re the last thing I see


When the times are hard, and the skies are gray

And it seems as if we’ve gone astray,

Remember all these words that I say

Through thick and thin and in between

I’ll always love you endlessly

You’re my home, my world, and all that I see.


© 2019 Miki Ratsula