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DEC. 2019

Gazette: Tired of the traditional? Here's 7 not overplayed Christmas songs to listen to

"The 21-year-old singer-songwriter Miki Ratsula has a small, but strong, following on YouTube, where she has for years shared covers, like Gotye’s “Somewhere Only We Know.” Her original acoustic music is even more worth listening to and that includes her latest release, 'Love in the Winter.' In a behind-the-scenes video, Ratsula said she wrote the holiday-themed love song, inspired by her girlfriend, in one night. This is my nomination for best lyric: '"Here comes December/perfect on time/season for kissing lips stained in red wine.'"

DEC. 2019

Ones to Watch: Miki Ratsula Delivers a Heartfelt Holiday Ode in “Love in the Winter” [Premiere]

"'Love in the Winter”'is the gleeful holiday love song by Miki Ratsula that will soon find its way onto that 'timeless holiday music' playlist you’ve been recycling every winter. The Finnish-American artist perfectly executed that cinematic, Hallmark-holiday-movie-special feeling, incorporating a cheerful acoustic guitar, a tasteful amount of holiday bells, and mellow vocals that will have you feeling nice and cozy."

JUNE 2019

Lyrical Lemonade: write up on Miki's single "Stones"

"Distinct and confident in her tone, 20-year-old singer Miki Ratsula offers her heart on her latest alternative single, “Stones.” Her endearing and transparent lyrics reveal her story and many others within the LGBTQ community."

APR. 2019

Gaylaxy: write up on release of Miki's single "Stones"

"When Miki Ratsula first heard about the implementation of the new law imposed by the Sultan of Brunei she was shocked, disheartened and knew she wanted to respond in the best way she knew how – through her music..."

MAR. 2019

Operation Every Band, SXSW 2019, Miki Ratsula - "Captivate"

"Miki Ratsula embeds classic soul and R&B into her sound, but twists perspective through slightly hazy, minimal production. Ratsula is a bedroom pop artist with studied jazz instincts - while her music is bare, it is musically complex in both melody and form. The Californian singer-songwriter employs an equally subtle vocal, a low register croon built of melancholic precision."

MAR. 2018
OCT. 2017
AUG. 2017

Write up on release of Miki's single "Young Heart"

"Young Heart has already received an overwhelming amount of international love from Miki Ratsula’s 21.6K, and growing, Instagram following. All numbers aside, it’s easy to understand why many feel drawn towards Ratsula’s music."

FEB. 2016

Featured Artist under "Top 10 Youtube Original Songs"

"A very beautiful and touching love song. If it doesn’t leave an impression on you, then you might need to check your pulse."

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