Young Heart

You can go anywhere,

as far as your lungs can take you,

I’ll meet you there

Truth can scar and words can hurt,

but my sensitive mind will always learn


When your shoulder turns cold

and for that moment my hands

aren’t what you want to hold

When your skin is burning red and

the heart on your sleeve is silenced

by what’s in your head


Sometimes our pride may get the best of us

the constellations in our souls combust

but once the air is still and cleared of dust, we’re here


All I ask of you, is remember to

my young heart love is new

Every moment, I’m learning to love

So when two sides collide,

all I want is your lips embracing mine

but I’m still learning, that sometimes it’s okay 

for two people in love to need their space

to grow strong as one

I know that I can be hard to love,

my insecurities make me go numb

but god, your love it fills my heart with song


All I ask of you, when it’s all said

and done and it’s just us two

Take my hand and listen as I say

I’m so in love with you, and although

to my young heart love is new

You’re forever, and with you I’ll grow old,

through all shades of blue,

when two sides collide, all I’ll want is you.

© 2019 Miki Ratsula